Question: Jason received a DUI while driving in California

Question: Jason received a DUI while driving in California

Once he was released he went back home to Washington and the officer did not take his license. The arresting officer was telling about the DMV hearing and criminal court. So are there two court dates for Jason to show up to in order to keep his license? 

Answer: There are two parts to the California Ontario DUI lawyers court process. The first in the DMV hearing and the second is California DUI Criminal Court. The hearing is for the DMV to decide whether or not to suspense Jason’s California driving privileges. Then he will go to court to face the charges. It is will be best if he retains a DUI attorney with experience defending cases in the county where he was arrested. This is even more important for a person who lives out of state, because trying to defend oneself from far away is a tall order. The good news is he can attend the DMV hearing by phone but he must be represented in person at a California DUI criminal court. What he should do is consult with DUI lawyers quickly so that his attorney can represent him at the DMV hearing. This will be crucial for them to begin building your defense.

With the help of a DUI attorney there is also a possibility that he won’t have to show up for every hearing in criminal court and maybe even the trial. But the only way that will happen is if he hires professional legal representatio

Remember, anyone’s home state will eventually come after your driving privileges if you do not show up to your California DUI court case or are represented by a lawyer. You must treat your California DUI just like any other DUI and retain the services of a DUI lawyers that will work diligently for you and prepare a solid defense.

Unless you live in Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan Tennessee or Wisconsin, your state has agreed to hold up the charges for out-of-state DUIs. Even if your DUI charges are dismissed or reduced, your home state might even prosecute separately, especially if you are a multiple offender. It is better to have the comfort of knowing you handled your case in California so you can minimize the punishment in your home state.