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Carrying a Gun Illegally Is a Serious Matter

There are many people that would say that a person who carries a gun without a license should be asked to pay heavy fines or even serve jail time. Many of the crimes that are committed in the United States are done by people that have obtained guns illegally. This has brought great sadness and sorrow to thousands of people. …

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Gaby has discrimination case in San Bernardino

Gaby was a woman in her early thirties working at an insurance company for the last two years. The company had about 95 employees and the company was paying Gaby K a year. The department in which Gaby worked was mainly men, most of which did not have families or were divorced. Gaby kept to herself at work as the …

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Question: Jason received a DUI while driving in California

Once he was released he went back home to Washington and the officer did not take his license. The arresting officer was telling about the DMV hearing and criminal court. So are there two court dates for Jason to show up to in order to keep his license?  Answer: There are two parts to the California Ontario DUI lawyers court …

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